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With its wide range of ready-to-use eggs, OVIPAC is aimed directly at catering specialists who find, in the range, products adapted to the specifics of their profession.


Ovipac is the reference brand for ready-to-use eggs for catering professionals (corporate catering, mass catering and the pastry and baking sector).

Every professional can find their solution in the Ovipac line, offering a wide range of egg products (liquid eggs, hard-boiled eggs, traditional or moulded poached eggs, etc.) which retain the egg’s authentic aromas and flavours, as well as its energy properties.

Ovipac is also a range of smart products, thanks to its packaging which facilitates suitable reheating and conditions for everyday use.


An Ovipac innovation, the Time Egg is an effective heating and warming solution for your breakfast dishes! Especially designed to...

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Ovipac, a brand of the company OVOTEAM

Subsidiary of the Avril Group, OVOTEAM produces egg solutions intended for the agribusiness (IAA), restaurant catering (RHD) and the bakery, pastry and confectionery (BVP) industries through its Ovipac brand.